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2818 445.1 » Nooo! My öçpoçmaqs...
2528 444.1 » Oral
2528 443.1 » Vaginal
2107 442.1 » Sign the Capitulation Sign the Capitulation Sign the Capitulation
2107 441.1 » Sign the Capitulation
2059 440.1 » Поддерживаешь Украину? Божечки, анон. Ты гей или что-то в этом роде?
1883 439.1 » The AFU fighter gave me his Javelin for our Field ration!
1883 438.1 » NO! Damned occupiers! Don't take the washing machine and three cans of Nutella from us! This is the annual budget of our country!
1887 437.1 » Heh) Do you have anything of Ukrainian production?)))
1887 436.1 » No! Damned occupiers! You can't beat us! We have: Turkish bayraktar, American stingers, javelins, HIMARS, German panzerhaubitze, Polish…
1998 435.1 » Я ты. Только дефектный.
1998 434.1 » Кто ты?
1986 433.1 » Hohols...
1986 432.1 » Why are Western lords still not taking me to the EU...? Maybe I still have a lot of the USSR in me...? Maybe I should demolish more monuments? Legalize same-sex marriage? Should I write in the history textbooks that Russia unleashed World War II? I'll do everything! If only I would be accepted into the EU…
1893 431.1 » Beat the shit out of smoked guy) <tn>A rather difficult for Western users to understand, a post-ironic Russian meme with a guy who is preparing to hit a pig with an axe. The main idea is that hohols in Russia are associated with "pigs" because of impudent behavior, shouting and uncleanliness<tn>
1989 430.1 » Heh) From the thought that people like you will be in power, I love Vladimir Vladimirovich even more)))
1989 429.1 » No! Stop worshipping Putin, you stupid RuZZian Zombies! Stop watching Solovyov, Kiselyov and other propagandists!
1991 428.1 » Even adults don't care about him... Why did you wake ME up for this information, hohols?
1991 427.1 » What..? What kind of "default in Russia?"
2006 426.1 » Oh, you fool. What did you forget under the missile sight at all? Tried to catch missiles with your hands instead of your lame air defense?
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