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1553 418.1 » This art is a reference to a ridiculous situation from real life, when the Ukrainian military wanted to take a pathos picture against the background of a Russian T-72 tank, as against the background of a trophy. At that time, another Ukrainian soldier was riding in exactly the same russian tank and mistaking his comrades for Russian soldiers fired a <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2oCV0t5JQg">shot</a>. As a result, the "brave" Ukrainian soldiers-photographers were turned into <a href="https://t.me/boris_rozhin/41527">bloody meat</a>. Этот арт является отсылкой к нелепой ситуации из реальной жизни, когда украинские военные хотели сделать пафосный снимок на фоне российского танка Т-72, как на фоне трофея. В это время другой украинский солдат ехал в точно таком же российском танке и, приняв своих товарищей за русских солдат, произвел <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2oCV0t5JQg">выстрел</a>. В результате "отважные" украинские солдаты-фотографы были превращены в <a href="https://t.me/boris_rozhin/41527">кровавое мясо</a>.
1209 417.1 » <span style="font-family:'comic',serif">Army & Fleet</span>
1209 416.1 » My last hopes are on you two
1208 415.1 » Why does America have the highest number of gun lovers? They have the best schools for shooting
1078 414.1 » Like if you've never used this, because for all your life you've only been shitting on the hohols
1084 413.1 » Ukraine entered the EU. Two hohol friends sit together drinking. One asks: <b>-What's up?</b> The other answers: <b>This EU is total <i>fignya</i> - i've got no job, my wife scrubs floors in Italy, my son married a German man, and my daughter is a French prostitute!!! And it's all the damn <i>moskali</i>'s fault!!!! They told us "<span style="font-family:'monospace'">Don't enter the EU, don't enter the EU!!!</span>" and the <i>padlyki</i>, they knew that we'll enter the EU just to spite them!!!</b>
1081 412.1 » And on the left we got some faggot who beat serfs for bread.
1081 411.1 » Meet Felix - a patriot of his fatherland, fearless warrior and an example or a heal man, who stood for his home.
1089 410.1 » Makes sense.
1089 409.1 » Very humane
1089 408.1 » I wanna go!!! <i>meaning she wants to go to the toilet. russian language is a fuck.</i>
1089 407.1 » ... it's already brain-free.
1089 406.1 » ... And don't worry ...
1089 405.1 » That's why you need to shoot them in the head!
1089 404.1 » The anatomy is much like a human's; Liver, kidneys, heart - all organs critical for survival
1092 403.1 » Hurrah, compatrionts! LPR is now free of ukronazis!
1139 402.1 » Every Russian warrior has two sides
1135 401.1 » in the opinion of Ukrainians
1135 400.1 » The biggest russian waifu
1145 399.1 » Nope :^)
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