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i_fuck_dogs said:

So, what's this booru? Is it only dedicated to Bukhanka and such? Who made it? Why did he made it? What does "Eientei" mean?

No, while personally I would like to see as much of relevant arts saved and indexed as possible, it is not dedicated to just buhanka. It is one of services provided by eientei.org and mainly intended for it's current pleroma/matrix users and users from federated instances. Contact link at the bottom of the page should provide relevant hosting/administrative identities, and github link next to it -- identities of developers of danbooru engine. Main reason for hosting own booru is to decouple posts from moderation filter of danbooru.donmai.us, which many of posts here could not pass. And finally, Eientei -- 永遠亭 literally "Eternity Mansion" or "House of Eternity" is one of Touhou locations.

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